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Does this sound like you?

  • You need to get organized, but you're not sure where to start

  • You feel like you're scrambling to get things done every day

  • Your space is cluttered to the point where it's distracting you from getting your tasks completed

  • You're good at your job, but have trouble managing the constant influx of emails

  • You can't find your things at home, so you waste time and money replacing them

  • You've read organizing books, but the tips just aren't sticking

  • You have trouble transitioning between activities

It's time to get control over your space and time! Contact me for a free informational call to learn how.

I'm a professional who was recently diagnosed with adult ADHD. I really cannot begin to tell you what a game-changer this has been. Each week, I bring a goal to our phone session. In spite of myself, the solutions often end up being things I magically suggest myself, somehow. Suddenly, I've actually solved a small problem that's dogged me forever. I'm actually making progress on them for the first time since I was a kid. Invaluable. These sessions have brought down my stress levels so, so much.


-A.N., Washington, DC

Cecilia was gentle and never leveled any judgement on our clutter/existing use of space. Her coaching sessions helped me transform the space. I was motivated to do so without needing her to join me in the process. She's personable, professional, and positive.  If you need someone to be a catalyst for you to reorganize and transform your living space, I'd seek out Cecilia pronto.

-Elizabeth C., Takoma Park

Cecilia was very respectful of both my boyfriend's and my opinions since we sometimes have different ideas on where things should go and how things should look. Rather than allowing this to become a source of tension, she used both of our input in positive ways to find the best solution for both of us. She also had a great sense of pacing in order to not let the project feel overwhelming. As one who can get easily stressed out, I really benefited Cecilia's calm, thoughtful, and productive approach towards the project. It's definitely changed my attitude!


-Janet B., Washington, DC

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